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*NeW* For the Guys! SD Prodigy Sweater Vests & Dress Shirts

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SD Wears Presents:  Prodigy Sweater Vests & Dress Shirts

Ideal for the casual guy that adores books, long walks on the beach and is “Mommy’s Boy”.

Sweater Vest and Dress Shirt comes as a Jacket.

Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Brown, Red and Teal.  Also, get all Six  in the chubby pack for $375 or get them each for $75.  Full modify and copy to your liking. 

You can buy this as a gift through SLX or OnRez.


 SD Prodigy in BlackSD Prodigy in BlueSD Prodigy in BrownSD Prodigy in REdSD Prodigy in GreySD Prodigy in Teal


** 50% OFF Boxing Day Sale **

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SD Boxing Day 

** SD Wears is having a Boxing Day Sale on Wednesday Dec. 26th**

Holy-Moly and everything is 50% OFF!!!

Des has gone mad with all the sugar she ate on Xmas day and has slashed all the prices.

Come in and get all your shopping done before the prices go back to regular.

*NeW* Glimmer Gaze Tops

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SD Wears Presents:  Glimmer Gaze Tops (Chubby Pack)

Designed for the gal that likes to be “Gazed Upon”.

Warning:  May cause people to stare hypnotically at your chest

The Chubby Pack includes all four tops in Copper, Indigo, Green and Purple.  Also sold individually for $75.


SD Glimmer Gaze top in CopperSD Glimmer Gaze Top in IndigoSD Glimmer Gaze Top in GreenSD Glimmer Gaze Top in Purple

*~*~S D  W E A R S ~*~*~*

* Funky designs for the classy & sassy girl
* Bold & laid back outfits for guys

Casual wear, club wear, beach wear, evening wear and of course, bedroom wear!  Tattoos for the wildchild in you too!

Everything under $200

Visit us at our Main Store:

SD Wears New Webby

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SD Wears logo

Wow..My first web blog.  I am excited and overwhelmed.  I figured it was time to broaden SD Wears by creating a better way to communicate new releases, promotions, events and of course my ramblings.  I do hope you enjoy it!