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*NeW Release* SD Fanatic Outfits

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SD Presents:  The Fanatic Outfits

Someone called me a “Fanatic” the other day since I spend lots of time in SL.  I figured, well heck if I am a fanatic than I need to design something that resembles my fanatic attitude.  Something that is comfy to wear and similar to my every day look in RL. 

Hehe…and here is the outfit!  Now I wish I had it in all these colours in RL. 
Each outfit comes with: Top, pants and gloves (Elbow Warmers).  Mod/Copy to your liking.  Available in a chubby pack too.


SD Fanatic Outfit BlueSD Fanatic in PinkSD Fanatic Outfit Yellow
SD Fanatic in WhiteSD Fanatic in Red



New Freebie @ SD Wears

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New Freebie @ SD Wears

SD Wears Prize Gown for TQ

SD Presents this new freebie as part of the Treasure Quest prize.
This dress will be only available for this hunt

Mod & Copy to your liking.


No clue what the TQ hunt is? 
It is a unique treasure hunt since you have to follow clues from sim to sim. It is challenging and a ton of fun.  The hunts are twice a month and last for 7 days. There are items from clothing to furniture all over the grid. 

To get started, visit: Bunyip(114,56,446)

SD Wears Gift Certificate for New Residents

Posted in avie fashion, fashion, SD Wears clothing on February 21, 2008 by Jen

SD Wears is now offering new residents a free clothing item of their choice.

I remember when I first started in Second Life.   I was broke and running around in some butterfly lingerie thingy-ka-bob.  I was even shy to approach anyone since my one-tone-creamy-skin ass was showing.  I remember wondering into a club and receiving from the host this pretty wicked t-shirt and jeans.  I thought it was sooo cool back than to get such a gift. 

Anyhooo….I feel for new residents and I want to “give” back to our lovely SL community.   Therefore, the first lesson (which I believe can teach new residents by offering a small incentive here) is how to create a notecard and drop it in a mailbox.  Ya ya..I know..big deal…but dammit, I had no friggen clue on how to do this simple little thing when I first started.   I thank Gurl 6 for that lesson!

Now in order for you to qualify for this gift, you must be less than 14 days old.  Check your profile and look at your born date, just to be sure.  Now ya gotta get your hands on a gift certificate!   Head over to the Fabulously Free in SL HQ(  and find the SD Wears Box.  Click it to receive the gift certficate. 

Looks like this —–>SD Wears logo

Also, while your at FabFree HQ, there are tons of great gifts there.  Like: Hair by Gurl 6, Calla & DiversityHair.  Animations, Skins, hats, shapes etc…

After that, come on over to SD Wears Main Store and make your choice! You can also get the gift certificate at the main store.  Inside the $1 Gift Bag is a bunch of stuff, including the gift certificate and a $75 Rebate Card too!

Feel free to tell new residents this offer.


PS – Here are a couple pictures of outfits you can get as a gift:

SD Angst BlueSD Glimmer Gaze Top in GreenSD Prodigy in BlackSD Take-Over VioletSD CheckmateSD Swirli-WooSD SavvySD Lickable Leather

*NeW* SD Angst Stockings Package

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SD Angst Socks

Now Available @ SD Wears

 Seven (7) colours included in the Angst Stockings package for $75.  

 Mod to your liking.


Also, the $2500 Shopping Spree Contest is still going on!   Get your entry in before Saturday!

$2500 Shopping Spree Contest

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SD Shopping AD

Win a $2500 Shopping Spree

@ SD Wears

The grand prize winner will receive:

•    $2500 Grand Total Shopping Spree @ SD Wears for you and your friends.
•    Be featured on the SD Wears Web-Blog  & potentially other blogs/newspapers/magazines etc..
•    A photo shoot  after your shopping spree to be showcased at SD Wears

How to play:

Truly, there is no skill what-so-ever for this contest.  It’s fun and hopefully may drive some people a little nutty if they break out their calculators.  Basically, just guess how many candy beans are in the jar. 

The Candy Bean jar can be found on the table at SD Wears Main store.

How to enter:

Create a “Notecard” and name it: Candy Guess – Your SL Name.  Now, write your name in the notecard and how many candy beans there is in the jar. 

Entries need to be dropped in the “SD Candy Bean Contest” mailbox no later than Saturday, February 23/2008 @ 11:59 SLT.  The winner will be announced Monday, February 25th. 

If you’re not a member of the group, please join SD Wears Up-Date Group. 
Ack Rules!

•    In case of a tie, entrants will be contacted via IM to pick a number between 1-100 and the closest answer will win. All tie-entrants have 24 hours to respond if a tie occurs.
•    Any fraudulent or mechanically means used to cheat into winning, will be disqualified. This includes any Entry that does not comply with these contest Rules in any respect.
•    By participating in this Contest and accepting the prize, prize-winner acknowledges having read and accepted these rules and consents to publication of name & picture to SD Wears Website, SL Blogs, SL Newspapers/Magazines, SD Wears Main Store, and SD Wears Group Notice without further compensation.
•    Residents must be at least  2 days when they enter this contest.  This is solely to avoid alt-cheating.
•    Failure to label the notecard correctly, will result as a disqualification
•    Only one guess per resident will be accepted
•    This contest is only applicable at SD Wears Main Store
•    There will be only one winner.

Small Print:

•    The $2500 prize will be given in form of items from SD Wears.  This is not a linden cash reward.  In writing, the winner will select items from SD Wears totaling $2500 and include who the items are for, so proper delivery can be made.  A limit of five (5) people may be chosen by the winner to get the items.
•    Oh pretty please, don’t IM me and ask how many candy beans are in the jar.  If you have a question, and it is not answered in this notecard, feel free to ask away!
•    I hate rules, but they are needed to run a smooth and fair contest.  Please respect the rules cause I hate to disqualify you for something that may be a silly mistake.
•    Yes, everything in the SD Wears Main store is included in the $2500 prize selection.
•    Every candy item you see INSIDE the jar has been counted.  Minimum guess is 1 – 1500 candy beans.  That’s a hint btw 🙂


Good luck Everyone!

*~*~S D  W E A R S   M A I N   S T O R E ~*~*~*

* Funky designs for the classy & sassy girl
* Bold & laid back outfits for guys

Casual wear, club wear, goth wear, evening attire, beach wear and of course, bedroom wear!  Tattoos for the wildchild in you too! Bracelets now available.

Last Day for the Be-Mine Hunt

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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let ya know that today is the last day for the Be-Mine hunt.  As of tonight, the free hunt prize will no longer be available again from SD Wears.

Many of the great designers @ Urban Shopper have hidden a candy charm in their store.  All you gotta do is find it!   The participating vendors (below) are giving great prizes, such as complete outfits, skins, great jewelry, gift cards, and gift discounts.

The hunt ends Feb 15th.

Brought to you by:

 1.  The Silk Factory
 2.  iNFLiCT Tattoo’s
 3.  SD Wears
 4.  !mpossible
 5.  Maria’s
 6.  Designs by Danielle
 7.  BeWear
 8.  Kalnins Fashion Eyewear

** This hunt is more challenging than previous hunts @ Urban Shopper **

To get started, visit here >>>

*NeW* Release – Gal Dress

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SD Presents:  Angst Dress

“This is what happens when punk smashes into glamour”

Okay, so after getting several requests to design a gown, I stumbled for weeks.  I did create this pretty-godly gown that was sooo not my style.  It reminded me of when I was forced to wear this awful red wine colour dress as a brides-maid.   I even remember getting told to take-off my 14 hole docs since they were not appropriate – eek!  After that horrible torturous day, I remember going home and ripping the gown apart and using my permanent marker to draw skulls all over it. 

So, yeah, I would like to thank those who asked me to create a gown  🙂   And I did!

The SD Angst Dress is designed for all those gals who have experienced anguish of having to conform to the traditional-sense of brides-maid gowns and prom dresses.

Trust me, your mom will be proud of ya!

Each dress comes with: Top, Glitch pants, gloves, stockings, prim skirt,  and prim wrist cuffs.  Mod/Copy to your liking.  Available in the following colours:

 SD Angst BlueSD Angst PurpleSD Angst PinkSD Angst Grey