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*NeW* Hot & Spicey Salsa Outfit

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*NeW* Outfit @ SD Wears – SD Salsa Nights Outfit

After being inspired by an old photo of my bestfriend (Sweets Dailey) and I at a salsa dancing event over a year ago;  I decided to create a spicey outfit for this great & fun dance!

Includes: Top, Pants and Scarf

$175L each


Salsa Red

Salsa Yellow


Salsa Green


Spring Flower Hunt

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Spring Flower Hunt @ Urban Shopper


Spring Flower Hunt

The flowers are in bloom and we picked them all! Well, how do you think we were gonna have a spring flower hunt?

So, yeah, all you gotta do is find all these flowers before they die! Here’s the best part, each flower has an awesome prize inside them. Hehe, what? You think we would have you looking for rotting flowers without any reward?

I know there is some neato prizes too from these brilliant designers at Urban Shopper.

To get started, visit Urban Shopper and view the flower hunt board for a list of stores and their gifts they have hidden.

Happy spring flower hunting!

SD Wears Spring Gift

2 Flowers to find @ SD Wears

SD Wears Spring Gift

Participating Shops are:

* SD Wears
* Devilish Figures
* !mpossible
* Dani’s
* Nova
* Quality 
* Got Tips?
* PixelDolls

The New Treasure Quest Island

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Explore the New Treasure Quest Island


Ahoy all ye mateys, comon’ aboard, the next Treasure Quest has started and we have a new island for ye to explore!


Treasure Quest

Explore Second Life, and the many wonderful locations it has to offer in pursuit of treasures as you get clues, solve puzzles, and gain wonderful prizes along the way!



The TQ hunt is celebrating it’s one year anniversary.  To kick-off this grand celebration, a new TQ island is available.  Let me tell ya, what a unique and simply neato place.  I had a ton of fun donning my pirate outfit and exploring this new land.

Parrot Talk        I\'m a bad pirate
     Polly want a cracker?                    I’m a bad pirate captain



 Rainbow         walking the plank
A unicorn by the rainbow!                      Walking the plank



Nothing like thee ole’pirates drumming away


I’m sure you can tell I had a ton of fun exploring the TQ Island.  LoL I had a kagillion pics to post too, but I figured you have to see it for yourself!  There is a lot more to see, like a huge sand castle, stables, tavern, torture chamber, lighthouse etc…

Oh! Plus the hunt! OMG the hunt!  If you have not done the hunt yet, get your buns over here and get started. 

If you get lost and need a hint or two, be sure to know that many are around to help ya out!  Join the “Treasure Quest Hunters” group for help, extra clues, friendly banter, and updated information about the quests.

Many great designers & entertainment venues are a part of this monthly hunt.  Let me drop a few names like: Ribbons & Roses, Caly’s Creations, Dariano Designs, Wet Dreams, Cofe Radio, Camkay Castle, and of course I am too!

Check-out my treasures I have hidden @ SD Wears:

SD Wears Freebie
Black Jeans & Eyes


So does this hunt sound like fun?  Of course it does! 

To get started, visit:


New Freebie @ SD Wears

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New Freebie Available


SD Wears presents these new freebies as part of the Treasure Quest prize.
These freebies will be only available for this TQ hunt.

SD Wears Freebie

Mod & Copy to your liking.

No clue what the TQ hunt is?
It is a unique treasure hunt since you have to follow clues from sim to sim. It is challenging and a ton of fun.  The hunts are twice a month and last for 7 days. There are items from clothing to furniture all over the grid.

To get started, visit:


The Starlust Motel

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The Starlust Motel is open!

This place totally reminds me of this motel from the last city I lived in.  It was called the “White Towers Motel.” Oddly, the motel had no towers…nor was white.  Maybe the name was a metaphor for the many sexual positions peeps did inside the rooms….hmmz

 The Starlust Motel

Anyhoo, The Starlust Motel has opened and many funky designers have scratched/spray-painted/markered their name onto a vacant room.  I got lucky (No Lie) to be amongst some of (what I believe) SL’s most-creative artists.  Check-out my lucky room # 7 for SD Wears clothing  🙂


Starlust Motel Room #7

As well, some neato gifts are available for this weekend to celebrate the grand opening!

To help kick-off the celebration, I have a freebie blouse available and the “Matt Damon” tankie marked down for just L$1wOOts

SD Sassy Gal Tankie

Hope to see ya there!

Still Around

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I figured I’d better do a post incase ya might have thought I disappeared.

 Recently, I took a new job in RL and have not had a whole bunch of time to be in my favy world of Second Life.   It sucks the big one! 

 Anyhoo, I should have a new ladies outfit released very shortly.  Hehe, it’s no spring-fling flowery fashion, but I am sure it will be great to wear still.  Well…maybe I might add a flower or two to it…hmmz