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I’m too sexy for my shirt…

Posted in SD Wears clothing on May 24, 2008 by Jen

SD Wears Shave Me



A new freebie is available in honour of  the expansion of The Starlust Motel.  Head over to the new location and get this and many other crap-ola freebies.

Okay, it’s a super crappy freebie for guys….errr gals can wear it too if uhhh you like hairy backs and chest.

Shape and hairy dudes undershirt included.

Don’t cha’think my hubby makes an excellent model?


Note:  SD Wears assumes no repsonsbility for flea, lice, roach or any type of nasty insect bites that may be roaming inside the “Shave Me” chest/back/body hair.  If you develop gross pussy sores after wearing such product, please contact your mom and ask her advice.  Thank-you.


The Mystery has started…

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing on May 17, 2008 by Jen

The Stolen Shopping Bags Mystery Event

The Ad



The designers of Urban Shopper were planning this BIG hunt.  As they went to package all their great prizes in the shopping bags, they realized every bag had been stolen!

Who would steal all the shoppings bags?  and why?

Help the Urban Shopper designers find the calpurt! 

Along the way you will discover prizes from each participating designer.  Solve the mystery by finding out who stole the shopping bags, and you will be rewarded with an extra gift! 

If you need any assistance, join the “The Urban Shopper’s” group and ask in group chat.

To get started, visit >>>  and click the sign that says “First Clue”


Wanna see what SD Wears is giving away as a freebie and dollarbie?


 SD Wears Dollarbie
Dollarbie – found in the first clue



SD Wears Bonus Gift

Freebie bonus gift given when the mystery is solved


There is also a ton of other great prizes by the following participating designers:


Savonah Designs gift

Savonah Designs



Nova Dress 

(nova) Bonus Gift



Quality Shoes 

Quality Shoes




!mpossible Dress

!mpossible Dress


 Dani’s Outfit



++++ Plus bonus gifts if you solve the mystery!!! ++++
 Some of the Bonus gifts include:
 * Male Shape & Skin
 * Eyes from Devilish Figures
 * A fab dress from (nova)
 * Latex Top & Lady Shape from SD Wears
 * Sequins tops from Pixel Dolls
 * Bikini and Swimshorts from !mpossible
 * An outfit from Dani’s

*Freebie Bracelet*

Posted in SD Wears clothing, second life, second life clothing on May 15, 2008 by Jen

*NeW Freebie*


SD Wears presents this new freebies as part of the Treasure Quest prize.
The bracelet will only be available for this TQ hunt.

SD I Love My Dog Bracelet

Mod & Copy to your liking.

No clue what the TQ hunt is?
It is a unique treasure hunt since you have to follow clues from sim to sim. It is challenging and a ton of fun.  The hunts are twice a month and last for 7 days. There are items from clothing to furniture all over the grid.

To get started, visit:


*NeW* Delayed Shirts

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing, Uncategorized on May 13, 2008 by Jen

SD Wears Presents:Delayed Shirts for Guys

This button-up shirt has been one of those projects that sit on the back-burner. Finally it is ready! It comes as a jacket and in a variety of colours.


$55, Mod/Copy




Free Mother’s Day Gift @ SD Wears

Posted in fashion, SD Wears clothing on May 11, 2008 by Jen

Free Mother’s Day Gift @ SD Wears

Happy Mom’s Day!

In honour of my pretty-fab mother, I have put out a one-of-a-kind chickie-poo outfit for free!

Of course I had to match the colours of the outfit to the colours of the flowers I sent my mom. You did give your mom flowers too right?

Enjoy everyone!


SD Wears Main Store ->

* The Big Fish Hunt @ Reds “

Posted in second life on May 8, 2008 by Jen

As some of you may know, I’ve had a store at Reds Club for several months now..geez maybe it’s been a year?  LoL how SL life goes by so fast  🙂  

I wanted to share all the joys and fun things to do at Reds.  The owner is and has been very dedicated to making this place a great entertainment venue.  A couple of neato things to do here include: shopping, lucky chairs, monthly shopping events, cash give-aways, 7Seas fishing & tournaments, dancing, live DJ’s, trivia @ the club, aquadash arcade game etc…

Reds CLub

 Dance your little heart out @ Reds Club
Has live DJ’s, trivia events, themed contests etc..




7Seas Fishing with tournaments

Plus! Right now Reds has a hunt going on to honor their new fishing (7Seas) area they just built.  Many designers are participating in this hunt and are giving some cool prizes.  All you have to do is find this fish:


I decided to give a different kinda prize than I usually do for hunts.  If you find my fish, there is a $25 Discount Card you can use at SD Wears.  


Other designs I found at this hunt include:

From (nova)

From Dani’s


Visit Reds >>