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BaM Designs officially opens!

Posted in New Fashion, second life, second life clothing with tags on June 30, 2008 by Jen

I am such a lucky gal.  I really am.  Wanna know the reason why?  It’s simple really.  *grins* I actually have a list of reasons why and photo’s to prove it too!

Okay first reason is:  My good friend Bear from “Bear in the Morning Radio Show” and his partner Mysty, have launched their new store  *BaM* Designs.  I was invited to attend their grand opening on Friday, June 27th.

*BaM* Designs features  several products, many of which have never been seen before in SL! A definate hunger for the road drives our designs and our attention to detail and quality shows in everything we do! From fully scripted “skid lid” style half helmets for the rebel rider to “fuzzy dice” to help make YOUR ride YOURS, there’s that and so much more on the way from *Bam* Designs!

BaM Designs Store

Holy jeepers, what a kick-ass event they held.  I lost count on how much money and great stuff they gave away. Something beyond $5000L, plus raffles, trivia, random prize drops, 30% off sale, and a dunk tank auction with all proceeds going to a charity in SL.

Also, they had a great line-up of entertainers too.  Like: DJHocking from Hocking Radio was spinning requests, Catt Meredith spun the oldies and retro rock, and Dancien Graves dj’d the airwaves as well. And and and…a LIVE performance by the well-known BAND “Friendly Fire”

Of course I was an eager-beaver on getting my hands on the new fashions.

The Bam Look


Hair: Hairapy
Shirts: BaM Designs
Bomber Jacker : BaM Designs
Pants: SD Wears
Doo Rag: BaM Designs


Number two reason:  I won a freakin amazing car on the Bear in the Morning Radio Show. Ya ya, I’m overely happy about this.  Now, you’re probably asking how? I won the contest “Name that Cafe” on the radio show.    The name I submitted, “The Grease Pit” won :}

My new car

Special thanx to Primouth Motors Corporation for making a fab car!


Okay, last but not least, reason three: The new place to hang-out that tickles me pink all inside.  Not only is my favy hang-out cafe “The Grease Pit” on this new sim, but also Bear in the morning headquarters.  Now I drink my coffee and eat slimy eggs as I listen to the radio show all in one place.  After that, I can drive my fancy new car to the drive-in and than over to the famous “Corner Gas” station.  BaM designs is also beside The Grease Pit.  

So, jump on your hog or drive your wheels over to this place and enjoy all the things that are there and to come.


*NeW* USA Swimsuit

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on June 28, 2008 by Jen

By special request, or more like a dozen requests, I have made a United States swimsuit to celebrate Independence Day.


Happy Independence Day this July 4th!

For a limited time, this swimsuit will be available for only $25.

Comes in 2 layers –  undies, undershirt.




USA swimsuit

*NeW* Canadian Swimsuit

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on June 26, 2008 by Jen

As many of you know, I am Canadian!

To celebrate Canada’s birthday this July 1st, I have a new swimsuit for all you Canada lovers.


Happy Canada Day this July 1st!

For a limited time, this silver swimsuit will be available for only $25.

Comes in 4 layers – top, pants, undies, undershirt.



Canadian Silver Swimsuit

And the winner is…

Posted in SD Wears clothing with tags on June 23, 2008 by Jen

We have a winner of the Summer Sea Shells Contest!  Yup, this lucky duck just won a $2500 Shopping Spree @ SD Wears for her and her friends.


Congrats LeahJane Cazalet! 


There were 538 sea shells hidden inside the SD Wears store.  LeahJane’s guess was 539! 

It was a very close count too.  As such, I would like to reward a second and third place winner since they were sooooo close to the answer.

Second place winner with a guess of 553 is Luthien Ember who wins a $500 SD Wears Gift Card

Third place winner with a guess of 512 is Morgizzle Morigi who wins a $250 SD Wears Gift Card


Thanks everyone for participating.  I hope it was fun and you enjoyed the freebie outfits 🙂


Stay tuned for further events/sales at SD Wears

:: Reminder ::

Posted in SD Wears clothing with tags on June 22, 2008 by Jen

Hey Everyone,

For those who have been outta the loop, here is a reminder that the SD Wears Summer Sea Shell Contest ends tomorrow.

Entries need to be dropped in the mailbox no later than Sunday, June 22/2008 @ 11:59 SLT.  The winner of the $2500 Shopping Spree will be announced Monday, June 23/2008.

Good luck to everyone!

Win a $2500 Shopping Spree

:: Dad’s Day Gift ::

Posted in SD Wears clothing, second life with tags on June 15, 2008 by Jen

Happy Dad’s Day!

Dad\'s Day Gift

A gift is out at my main store for today only (Sunday, June 15th).

 Okay, well it’s not a gift for dad but’s a gift to keep dad worried and annoyed.   Yeah, I’m such a rebel with my father so I figured I had to bring it into SL too.  LoL it keeps him guessing atleast and of course I know he cares too.

Also, a few other designers around my store have Dad’s day gifts too.  Check out !mpossible, (nova), Danis and Pixeldolls.


 !mpossible’s Gift

(nova)’s gift



 PixelDolls gift


Enjoy everyone  :]

Happy Anniversary Floating Comet Mall

Posted in SD Wears clothing, second life on June 14, 2008 by Jen

Hey Everyone,

I have one of my Rendezvous lingerie outfits out for free at Floating Comet Mall.  


They are celebrating their one year anniversary and are having a billion things going on.  Including a hunt, fashion show, fishing tournaments, live DJ’s etc…

The outfit is part of the hunt, but it’s easy to find in my store.  It’s only available until today!