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New Release of Dollarbies Wall

Posted in fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on August 31, 2008 by Jen

SD Wears Main Store is still under construction, but all the smoke has settled (finally).

I have expanded and the building got a face-lift too!

So with all this room, I ‘ve decided to set-up a dollarbie wall.  You will find both men & women clothing from some of the past hunts, old stuff and holiday gifts.

Head to the back of the store and look for the 12 dollarbies on the wall.


New Landmark to the Main Store –>


Some of the L$1 items:





Designers Wanted

Posted in second life on August 28, 2008 by Jen


Construction is almost complete at my main store and the new Urban Shopper by the Sea.  All the regualar Urban designers have picked their stores and moved in and now I’m just about to open the remaining stores to the public.

If you’re looking for a new place to set-up shop and wish to join our family, than we would love to have you!  Here’s a tid-bit of info about Urban, cause I’m sure you wanna know what were all about first.


* Urban Shopper has been around since April 2007.  The majority of the vendors have been with us since the beginning and we consider everyone as a family of great products & services.

* We have never used or will ever use camping equipment.  Our shoppers come here strictly to shop and participate in events.  We have an on-going marketing plan that is in continuous operation to attract and retain shoppers.  Such advertising activities include: targeted on-going ads in a variety of SL Forums, SL Magazines/Newspapers, Radio Streams, AD boards, event listings, web-blogs etc…

* Every store has their own 4×4 parcel.  This means, we can set the landing point right at your store entrance.  As well, your store name and a description will be listed in this parcel.  By doing this, not just for your store, but for every shop at Urban, means a very very very powerful marketing impact on the SL search.

* Monthly events from hunts, mystery events, sidewalk promotions, and special partnership parties/events.

*  A new growing group of Urban Shopper’s that you can advertise too by sending notices about new releases, sales, special promotions and contests.

* Two main stores are located at Urban Shopper which attracts many shoppers via Fash Con, Sales Con, and Blogs etc…

* A landlord who is dedicated to providing top service to both the Urban Shoppers and the Urban Merchants.

Special Notes:

Event participation is highly encouraged here.  If you do not like OR have the time to participate in at least 3 events per year, than we’re sorry, this is not the place for you.


Of course there is more, but you will have to come check us out to get every detail.  Oh, mind the mess too.  We are still building!

The place is open, but the Re-grand opening party will be September 6th, 7th & 8th.

Visit :

Mind the mess…

Posted in SD Wears clothing, SL with tags on August 27, 2008 by Jen


SD Wears Main Store and the Urban Shopper are under construction, so mind the big whacky mess of  buildings/roads/drunken construction workers/boxes etc…

The Urban Shopper is expanding and changing it’s design to “Urban Shopper by the Sea”.  SD Wears is also getting a face-lift too and more land to expand the building, which means, more room for clothing!

Hopefully, my store will be ready by the weekend! 

Stay tuned for further details…

*BaM* Designs Grand Opening @ Urban Shopper

Posted in New Fashion, second life, SL with tags on August 22, 2008 by Jen


*BaM* Designs Grand Opening @ Urban Shopper
with Live-to-Air with Bear in the Morning Radio Show

I had to blog about this event.  Most of you know I listen to Bear in the Morning Radio show faithfully.  Well…guess what?  Oh boy, Bear is coming to my little plaza tomorrow morning.  *snorts with joy*  OH man, I’m excited.  Okay, let me get the details out before I lose it and need to grab a drink (again).  

So, in the past, Bear’s event has rocked my place.  We have partied in dragged for the Rocky Horror Picture Show event, danced in fancy-smancy wears for Christmas, drank green beer for the St.Pats event AND AND AND the whole Bear crew came to welcome my new main store opening.  However, I am betting this event is gonna kick-ass and break all records set previously.

Now the best parts!  This big freakin event is to celebrate “BaM” Designs new store at Urban Shopper (that’s my little plaza in case ya didn’t know)  BaM Designs is cool-daddy-O styles, from fully scripted “skid lid”  half helmets for the rebel rider to “fuzzy dice” to help make YOUR ride YOURS.  Ya gotta check-out their selection.

PLUS, it’s a Rockabilly theme.  All music, contests, trivia, and scene is for all you cool cats & dolls.

Anyhoo, enough of my ranting since I really gotta get ready for this event.  Read their ad for more details!  I hope to see you tomorrow at 6am  🙂


*BaM* Designs is excited about opening a new store at Urban Shopper  and we want to
C E L E B R A T E !

One of the most widely listened to morning shows in SL – BEAR in the Morning – will be broadcasting LIVE from *BaM* Designs @ Urban Shopper from 6am to 9am SL time on Friday, August 22nd.

It’s a 3 hour ROCKABILLY PARTY,  L$ trivia prizes and hourly give-aways and a Best Rockabilly Guy & Gal contest!

All prodicts in the *BaM* Designs @ Urban Shopper will be an amazing 30% OFF ALL WEEKEND!

Mark your calender, get on your best rockabilly outfit, and join the PARTY!

Place – *BaM* Designs @ Urban Shopper
Date: Friday, August 22nd
Time – 6am to 9am SL time
Slurl –

FREE Dress! Today Only

Posted in SD Wears clothing, second life with tags on August 20, 2008 by Jen

Free for today only


Free for today only

Juicy Bella is officially opening today! 

(Wednesday, August 20th)

I have a free dress available today only for this grand opening.  Check-out my satellite store located at the Juicy plaza.  Plus, lots of other great designers are giving stuff away too.



Slurl –

The Bubble Gum Hunt @ Urban Shopper

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on August 16, 2008 by Jen

The Bubble Gum Hunt @ Urban Shopper


Start Date – Saturday, August 16th (12am SLT)
End Date – Friday, August 22 (11:59 pm SLT)
Total wads of gum to find: 16
VisitUrban Shopper
We are tired of cleaning-up all the chewed wads of gum around the Urban Shopper. After having a meeting with all the merchants,  we have decided that “gum littering” is a major concern.

Therefore, we are putting some totally cool prizes in the yucky eeewey wads of gum to raise awareness that sticking your gum on our walls is sooo not cool!

Let the gum hunting begin!  Head over here and start finding the gum.  You will be rewarded with some pretty awesome outfits, gift cards, accessories, jewelry etc…

* Note: Urban Shopper is not responsible for your health if you choose to re-chew the wads of gum.*


Some of the prizes you will find:


BaM Designs

BaM Designs


SD Wears

SD Wears


SD Wears

SD Wears












Pixel Dolls (A)

Pixel Dolls (A)







*NeW* Peek-A-Boo Panties (Pubs Included!)

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on August 11, 2008 by Jen


SD Peek-A-Boo Undies (Pubs Included!)

SD Peek-A-Boo Undies (Pubs Included!)

New panties are available. They are only L$1 and available for a limited time at the Starlust Motel pantie raid hunt.

In order to get your butt modeling these undies, you must have a sudden urge to wanna hunt for clams. Starting today, Monday, August 11th, a two sim panty raid hunt will last for 5 glorious days.

Underthings (Underwear, bra, stockings etc…) may well be the most understated part of an outfit. Let’s get together and celebrate them and what they do to keep our privates private!  Such hard workers, for some of us.

Already,  25 underthings are hidden or clammed!

* Underpanties as well as socks and stockings
** Goodies hidden inside lovely yet relatively small golden clams.


Visit —>>>


(Hint:  SD Wears golden clam can be found, sandwiched between a place you sit your ass on)