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*TQ Hunt Prize*

Posted in SD Wears clothing, second life with tags on September 29, 2008 by Jen

Hey all,

I have done a special colour of the “No name gown” for the Treasure Quest Hunt.

To get started with the hunt, visit the TQ Headquarters here.


✰ SD Wears Name that Gown Contest ✰

Posted in fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on September 21, 2008 by Jen

SD Wears Name that Gown Contest

* Only Open to Group Members *

You could win L$1000 & a $500 Gift Card at SD Wears by submitting the most fab name for my new gown line.

These three new gowns need a name:

How to enter:

Create a “Notecard” and name it: The Best Gown Name – Your SL Name.  Now, write your name inside the notecard and what you think this new gown should be called.

Only one name is needed for the entire gown line.  For example, we have the following names for some of our dresses:  Everlasting Gown, Angst Dress, Bubble-Boo Dress

Entries need to be dropped in the “I Got No Name Gown Contest” mailbox no later than Monday, October 6/2008 @ 11:59 SLT.  The winner will be announced Friday, October 10th.

A panel of my closest friends & designers will review the names submitted and judge for the best one.

If you’re not a member of the group, please join SD Wears Up-Date Group.

Ack Rules!

•    By participating in this Contest and accepting the prize, prize-winner acknowledges having read and accepted these rules and consents to publication of name to SD Wears Website, SL Blogs, SL Newspapers/Magazines, SD Wears Main Store, and SD Wears Group Notice without further compensation.
•    Residents must be at least  2 days when they enter this contest.  This is solely to avoid alt-cheating.
•    Failure to label the notecard correctly, will result as a disqualification
•    Only one submission per resident will be accepted
•    This contest is only applicable at SD Wears Main Store
•    There will be only one winner.

*NeW* Gown @ SD Wears

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on September 19, 2008 by Jen

A new princess-type  gown is now out.   It comes in three styles.

Plus, I have a contest going for this new gown line.  You could win $1000L & $500 gift card if you have the best name for this new gown.

Visit SD Wears Main Store for more details

The Big Bash is Starting!

Posted in second life with tags on September 8, 2008 by Jen

The Final Big Party is starting!

To end the Re-Grand Opening event @ Urban Shopper, we’re having a party with over $10,000 is cash/prizes!

Join us for the BIG party with LIVE-TO-AIR with Bear in the Morning Radio from 6am – 9am on Monday, September 8th at Urban Shopper

One of the most widely listened to morning shows broadcasting from Secondlife! Join us for 3 hours of LIVE Rock, Requests & Laughs!

** $500L Raffle Ball Drop**
** Lots of prize give-aways from the merchants of Urban Shopper**
*$250++ each to Best Male & Female in Ocean Gear Contest*

Take part in BEAR’s daily Birthday Quote Quiz and Fact or Fiction and show us you’re “smarter than the av-er-age bear”! Laugh along with the BEAR and request your favourite song!
Grab your fishing rod, rubber boots, swim trunks and summer hat and join us for this event!
Urban Shopper Merchant Prizes include:

* $500 Gift Card – SD Wears
* Free Skin/Shape/Eye – Loser Designs
* $1000 Gift Card – Primal Arts Tattoo’s
* 5 Amazing outfits  – Pixel Dolls
* $50 Gift Cards – Dani’s
* (nova) 3x $1000 gift cards
* EC&M Apparel $500 Gift Card

*NeW* Snake Skin Crave Lingerie

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing with tags on September 7, 2008 by Jen

SD Presents: Snake Skin Crave Lingerie

Who wants to wear lace in this heat? Heck, toss that itchy lace bra and get your girlfriends breathing with this cotton animal print collection.

$55 Each, Modify & Copy to your liking.


The Big Grand Opening Event @ Urban Shopper

Posted in New Fashion, SD Wears clothing, second life on September 6, 2008 by Jen

:: Urban Shopper’s Re-Grand Opening Event ::

The Urban Shopper has undergone some heavy construction and with the magic of SL, we are now by the Sea! Brand new theme. Brand new stores. Brand new (and old) designs. PLUS a big celebration with a great BIG sale & gift event!



*** Big Sale from a variety of Urban Shopper Merchants***

* SD Wears – 25% off everything
* Loser Designs – 50% off everything
* (nova) – 50% off selected items
* !mpossible – 50% off everything
* Liann’s – 20% off everything
* Love Me Skins – 50% off selected items
* Samara Studio’s – 25%-30% off everything
* Triple Labs – 20% off everything
* Body by Eve – 20% off Shapes & Skins
* BaM Designs – 25% off everything
* Pixel Dolls (a) – 25% off everything
* Dani’s – All menswear reduced to $49L – $99L
* Jairis Designs – 50% off everything
* EC&M Apparel – 25% off everything





Free Gifts from the following Stores:

* (nova)
* Body by Eve
* Samara Studios
* Love Me Skins
* Liann’s
* Primal Arts Tattoo’s
* !mpossible
* Dani’s
* Jairis Designs
* Pixel Dolls


Join us for the celebration!

The Urban Shopper by the Sea

I’m getting anxious…

Posted in fashion, SD Wears clothing, second life, SL with tags on September 4, 2008 by Jen


All I can say is, holy friggen give-aways and tons of designers are having sales!  The new Urban Shopper is set to open this weekend.

I will be doing a 25% off Sale + a $500 gift card give-away for the big party with Live-to-air with Bear in the Morning Radio show, which is on the last day – Monday, September 8th. 

More details to come….