Cart Sale @ Red’s Beach

SD Wears just recently opened a ‘small’ store at Red’s Beach Club.  If any of you older folks remember, Red’s use to be a hopping place a few years back.  The owner took a break from SL for a year or so and now has recently returned with a kick-ass club again.  A great hot spot for live entertainment.  They are doing a ton of events daily from DJ’s, dance contests, some-kinda coin hunt thingy-ka-bob, fishing, live band performances etc…

Swing on over and check this place out.
Click Here for TP.

Oh! but let’s not forget, they are having a cart sale and yes, SD Wears is part of it.

I’ve placed four items out for sale for $25.

SD MindBender Stockings - turvy short

SD Destroyed Jeans Black PIC

SD ByGone Shirt - Black Picture

SD Hold Me Tightly Sweater pink picture

Visit us at Red’s Beach Club

Visit us at our Main Store

SD Wears Web Blog

SD Wears Marketplace Store


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