SD Wears Partnership Program


SD Wears Partnership Program

What is this exactly?

The SD Wears Partnership Program offers you the ability to sell SD Wears clothing. This is an excellent opportunity to earn lindens and have the ability to run your business. After you pay the initiation fee of $2500, you will receive a package containing everything you need to set-up the SD Wears Boutique. The boutique is equipped with over 200 female clothing items and 39 male clothing items that you can sell, marketing materials to assist in advertising your new shop and infinite free product partnership updates.

Why should I partner with SD Wears?

SD Wears has been in business since February 2007 and is a well established ladies fashion brand.  You will be selling a trusted, well-known label.  For the past four years, SD Wears has been releasing new fashion outfits.

As well, SD Wears has a very extensive marketing plan that includes participation in charitable events, grid-wide adventures, magazine/website ads, a growing fan group and a weekly blog of over 75,000 unique views.  Not only will you be selling a great product but you will be joining a designer and a team of individuals that want to hear your ideas and want to help you succeed in your new business.

Want to learn more? Visit: SD Wears Main Store:

What do I get?

Okay the obvious is money; however you do get a lot more than just the linden moula. You will get pride of ownership. You will learn how to set-up a boutique and effectively manage your stores. Not only will you get this experience of running a business but you will have a ton of fun too! Well, you better have fun!!

Let’s give you the monetary value breakdown first. SD Wears has never changed its pricing. The prices have always been the same since day one. We strive at being priced competitively and of course affordably. The majority of items are priced under $250. Outfits are sold for $175 and most individual clothing pieces go for $75. You will earn 50% from every sale. For example, if you sell:

  • Ten single pieces @ $75L each, you will earn $375L
  • Ten outfits @ $175L each, you will earn $875L ; and
  • Ten chubby packs @ $250L you will earn $1250

That is a total of $2500L just like that! As you can see, the potential to earn your money back is quite simple and the ability to keep earning bodes well.

*hippoVEND is the vending system used. 2% of every sale goes directly to Hippo Technologies. This is deducted before the commission is calculated and than 50% will go to you and 50% will go to SD Wears.

Just a key note, if your intention is to just buy this package with the attitude of “rez it and forget it” than I highly recommend that you don’t get involved with this partnership. This business requires you. Yes you! You must be a part of this by maintaining a presence in your store(s), updating products, continuously assisting in adverstising of your store, and by making the right moves when selecting a location, dealing with customers etc…

Included in this package:

  • 1 SD Wears Boutique pre-built Store (10x10x10 full framed store with 25 products for the average 50 prim or less store)
  • SD Wears Boutique walls & floors + posters
  • 247 individual vendors (1 prim each) (207 female + 39 male)
  • Promotional products (freebie gifts for event participation/contest, goodie bag etc…)
  • Marketing materials (posters, parcel/classified ads)
  • Notecards on how to set-up your boutique, Tips & Tricks, and a copy of the Terms & Conditions.
  • $1500L worth of clothing products to wear. Heck, we want you to look good and to show off what you are selling!
  • 50% off all products you buy at SD Wears Main Store for yourself only.

Also, each item within this package is copyable, except for your personal gift! You can make as many boutiques as you like! Increase your sales by opening more stores around the grid.

Note: You will receive a group invite to the partnership program group within 48 hours of purchasing this program.

Highlight of some important things you need to know!

  • The vendors are: mod / copy / no trans
  • All SD Wears clothing is copy/mod and no transfer.
  • Even though, SD Wears is doing continuous marketing of the brand, you are solely responsible to generate your own traffic to your boutique.
  • The commission rate is strictly 50%. It will never be greater than that.
  • Customer service is extremely important. If you have any customer inquiries/problems, kindly direct them to Desdemona Young.
  • The scripts inside the vendors are no modify, which is why they appear as “No Mod” inside your inventory. However, you are able to modify the vendors to resize them.
  • It would be very wise that you join the SD Wears Partnership Group. You will receive new product updates to sell in your store and on occasion free outfits to try-out before you choose to sell it. If you did not receive the invite after purchasing this package, toss Desdemona Young an IM.
  • Each item inside the package is copyable except of course, your personal gift is not. Therefore, you can have many boutiques all over the grid!
  • You cannot buy something for yourself at half price from your boutique vendors. The vendor scripts do not allow this. As a partnership, you receive all products at SD Wears Main Store at 50% off for yourself only (alts or friends are excluded!). Simply send Desdemona Young a notecard of all items you purchased and you will be refunded 50% of the cost within 48 hours. (Not to be combined with any other offer or sale event)
  • We want to hear your ideas and recommendations. Ten brains are better than one, right? Toss a notecard to Desdemona Young if you have the next greatest inspiration for SD Wears. We value your thoughts!


  • The boutique must be presented neatly. No overlapping of vendors or marketing materials. Any vendors not meeting the aesthetic standards as set forth by SD Wears will be disabled.
  • The SD Wears Boutique logo must be displayed in a visible location of your boutique and not be obscured or covered in anyway what-so-ever.
  • Any advertising using the SD Wears logo in magazines, websites, or blogs must first be approved in writing by Desdemona Young
  • Currently, Gift Cards, Discount Card and Loyalty Cards cannot be used with SD Wears Boutique’s
  • Refunds or Exchanges are never given by you. You will never be reimbursed either if you choose to break this rule. Have the customer contact Desdemona Young.
  • Do not place SD Wears vendors in high- lag locations. If continuous failed deliveries occur, SD Wears can’t be held responsible for inappropriately placed vendors.
  • SD Wears reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions at any time.
  • Do not sell SD Wears with any other products that contain stolen content, sexual items such as toys/bdsm/extreme exotic wear and/or weapons that promote violence. SD Wears is a clothing brand that does not wish to be aligned with intense sexual content or violent acts.
  • You can make your own photo’s to add to your blog/website; however you must state you are SD Wears Boutique and not use the term “Main Store” in the ad or write-ups.
  • You are not authorized to use the brand name “SD Wears” or use “SD Wears Main Store” for your parcel and/or store name, however you can use “SD Wears Boutique”. You can use the term ‘SD Wears” in your land description.
  • You cannot use “SD Wears” in the title/or land name of a picks/classified ad. You can use ‘SD Wears Boutique’ though.
  • You cannot create a group/a list of customer with the brand name “SD Wears”
  • You may not create a website/weblog/email/or any other online resource with the terms “SD Wears” in it.
  • Do not change the vendors (outside of re-sizing it) or try to modify the scripts/textures.
  • Occasionally, textures and retail prices are subject to change without notice. This will most likely happen when SD Wears has its annual Boxing Day Sale (December 26th) and Anniversary Sale (the first week of February). Also, possibly other sales may occur within the year without notice.

SD Wears reserves the right to terminate this agreement and disable vendors at any point and for any reason, listed above or otherwise.

Thank-you once again and if you have any questions please contact Desdemona Young by IM or notecard.


The Pre-Built & Pre-Equipped Boutique


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